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How to invent something useful

How to invent something everybody will want?

It's an age old question. Great ideas are always waiting to be had, and inventing is the primary reason our country is so prosperous today! But the first thing you need to know is, inventing isn’t necessarily easy. In fact, the U.S. Patent Office has reported that only 3% of inventors ever make any money from their inventions!

Rule #1: Don’t run off and spend a bunch of money on your invention!
You can learn to invent something and how to patent an invention so that you can have virtually a 100% success rate--without wasting thousands of dollars on legal fees.

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There is a methodology to inventing. To successfully take your idea to a commercialized product, you must first learn the essentials of invention development and how to protect your ideas. Next is how to patent an invention or how to patent a product, while avoiding the costly mistakes that nearly every beginning inventor makes. Get started with our FREE How-to-Invent kit!


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